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1 - 2 October 2020

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Create your own fully customizable branded mobile event apps to engage, inspire and connect with your attendees. Involve participants with live surveys, ask for instant speaker feedback and get invaluable insights with live polls.Expand the event lifecycle and keep the community engaged via activity feeds (including comments, likes and photo upload).


Create engaging experiences, add labels, custom hotspots, audio, interactive cards, images, and videos. Create events that your users won't easily forget! Booth representatives can engage with visitors via text/audio/video chat in real time.


We provide the integration of third-party webinar tools. Confidently live stream videos with your preferred video streaming solution. Create dynamic experiences and tailor sessions for specific audiences.Let your attendees create personal schedules, take notes, participate in Q&A, take polls and much more.


Christian Thorben
He is a famous TV show host, writer of novels and comedian. His TV show "Behind the curtains" inspires millions of viewers every week. His book "Mr. Laing, tell me more." is one of the best selling books this year.

Emilia Hubbert

She is a neuroscientist and science writer, who takes the complexities of neuroscience research and uses them to her advantage. As Co-Founder of Innolumizer she uses her skills to understand and consult in the Marketing and Advertisement Industry.
Vera Houston

Coach, psychologist, and author, She is a hugely in-demand speaker. Her talks focus on how to change your perspective to achieve your ambition, and Vera is consistently praised for being fun, engaging and thought-provoking.


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